About Cookies

Cookies are used as part of the AAFP website authentication system, which verifies your identity and temporarily stores your log-in information as you navigate access-restricted areas of the site. Cookies are also used for online surveys and website analytics.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7
    • Go to Tools > Internet Options and select the Privacy tab. If a slider is present, select Medium; if set to Custom, click Advanced. Accept/Enable should be checked under First-party Cookies, and “Always allow session cookies” should also be checked.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Go to Tools > Options and select the Privacy tab. Check the box next to “Accept cookies from sites.”

If you use internet security and/or privacy software, be sure that cookies are enabled or configure your software to accept cookies from our site. Please refer to the help section of the software you're using for instructions on enabling cookies.

If you have additional questions regarding cookies please call the AAFP Contact Center at 800-274-2237 (or 913-906-6000) or email contactcenter@aafp.org.