About PDF Files

PDF files provide consistent results when printed. We offer a PDF version of some documents on the AAFP Web site so you can print a formatted copy.

PDF Portfolio Files

A PDF Portfolio contains multiple files assembled into an integrated PDF. The contained files can be in different formats, such as Word documents, email messages, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. PDF Portfolio's require Adobe Reader 9 and above. Click the "Get Adobe Reader" button above to download the most recent version of Adobe Reader.

To view and print PDF files, you must have Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer. Most computers already have this software installed, if yours does not, you can download Adobe Reader free from the Adobe Web site(get.adobe.com).


  1. If you have trouble installing or using Adobe Reader, please visit the Adobe Reader support page at http://helpx.adobe.com/reader.html(helpx.adobe.com).
  2. If you have Adobe Reader installed, and you are having trouble displaying PDF documents in your Web browser, right-click on the link (control-click on a Mac), and save the file to your hard drive. Open the PDF file by double-clicking it.
  3. Download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader.(get.adobe.com)
  4. If you have Adobe Reader installed but still have trouble using a PDF file from this site, send an e-mail to contactcenter@aafp.org. In your message, please provide specific details about the problem, including the file name, the name and version of the Web browser you are using, and the version of Adobe Reader you are using.

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