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The AAFP's Board of Directors works to further the organization's mission, comprising family physician members from around the nation and across the spectrum of practice settings.


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Learn more about the AAFP’s history, the current state of the family medicine specialty, and the guiding strategy for our future.


View AAFP policy statements on various areas concerning health, the delivery of medical care, and in-house matters.


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Gain insight into the AAFP’s interconnected associations devoted to philanthropy, research and analysis, education, and practice transformation.

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The AAFP is governed by a Congress of Delegates, a Board of Directors, and a number of commissions and committees.

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The AAFP's award system is designed to recognize individuals and/or groups whose initiatives or efforts benefit the family medicine specialty.

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Member Constituencies

The AAFP Commission on Membership and Member Services addresses issues of importance to physicians in member constituency groups.

Member Interest Groups

Member interest groups (MIGs) provide a forum for AAFP active members with shared professional interests.

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AAFP chapters provide resources and networking opportunities for members. Learn about benefits of chapter membership and find contact information for your chapter.

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Use your expertise and passion to strengthen the specialty of family medicine.

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