AAFP Award for Distinguished and Meritorious Service to Family Medicine

*Created: 2014
Previously: Award of Merit (1975; revised 1994); Distinguished Service Award (2003); Executive Service Award (unkown creation date); and Outstanding Service Award (1993)

This award combines the four awards to recognize members, nonmembers, chapter executives with 25-year service, and entities for long-time dedication to advancing, contributing, and supporting to the AAFP and the specialty of family medicine. It is intended to recognize long-time dedication, rather than through a single, significant contribution and effective leadership within their chapter or nationally in furthering the development of family medicine. This award can be  presented to chapter staff, national staff, and vendors/suppliers.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Terresa Winch at (800) 274-2237, ext. 6831, or twinch@aafp.org.

View Past Recipients of the former Award of Merit(1 page PDF)
View Past Recipients of the former Distinguished Service Award(1 page PDF)
View Past Recipients of the fomer Executive Service Award(1 page PDF)
View Past Recipients of the fomer Oustanding Service Award(1 page PDF)

Nominations from:

AAFP Chapters
AAFP Commissions/Committees
Members and AAFP staff

Nominations to:

Commission on Membership and Member Services by submitting a letter of recommendation. Final approval by the AAFP Board of Directors.

Nominations by:

March 1 each year

Presented at:

This award can be presented to more than one individual in a year and is not limited to being presented at one particular venue, such as the Annual Chapter Leader Forum, AAFP Foundation Recognition Dinner, chapter meetings.

*Travel expenses are not provided.