Mobile App- Congress of Delegates

[AAFP Congress of Delegates]

The Congress of Delegates (COD) event app helps you customize your schedule and view resolutions, as well as take and share notes, receive alerts, and engage with other COD attendees. Download it for free and browse the resolutions, reports, and more.

For iPhone and iPad users:
Learn about the app in the iTunes Store.

For Android device users:
Learn about the app in Google Play.

For Blackberry and other users:
Learn more about the COD app.(

App includes:

  • COD scheudule
  • Resolutions
  • Reports
  • COD Delegation (to view Delegates and Alternates)
  • Alerts
  • Maps
  • COD Information
  • Social Media
  • Multi Device Sync

App FAQs

How do I open the app?

Please log-in using cod2016 (or COD2016) for both the username and password.

How do I access resolutions?

Tap on "Resolutions and Reports" from the Dashboard to browse the resolutions referred to the reference committees.

How do I acess reference committee reports and the Rules Committee Report?

Tap on "Resolutions and Reports" from the Dashboard to browse the reference committee reports.

Can I add my own events to my schedule?

Yes. Tap on the "My Schedule" icon and add an event with the + icon in the upper right.

Will Congress materials, such as resolutions, Delegates handbook, board reports, be available to download?

Yes. PDF versions of Congress materials can be accessed by tapping on the "Download" icon button on the Dashboard.

How do I sync my schedule on different devices?

  • The initial device that you choose to sync as your “first device” should be the one you plan to use primarily at the AAFP Congress of Delegates. You only need to set up Multi Device Sync on each device once and, should you choose to, publish your “My Profile” on your primary device. (Note: You do not have to fill in a profile to use Multi Device Sync.)
  • First, tap the Settings (gear) icon from the Dashboard and select "Multi Device Sync." (Don't see "Multi Device Sync"? Go back to the Dashboard and update the app by clicking the two arrows at the upper right. Return to the Settings menu, and "Multi Device Sync" should be visible.)
  • For your initial setup, select “First Device” and fill in the email address and password fields. 
  • For each additional device, select “Additional Device” from the Multi Device Sync tab. Input the same email address and password that you used for your first device.