Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

ALSO® Syllabus Updates

Syllabus (print and CD-Rom) and Couse Materials CD-Rom revisions labeled "June 2014" were made available on August 4, 2014.

Revisions are made bi-annually. After revised, the Syllabus and Course Materials CD-Rom must always be used together.

All updates will remain on this page for one year from the publication date listed next to each chapter, below.

If you are unsure if your syllabus is up to date, compare the published date of each chapter, below, with the syllabus Table of Contents page.

ALSO Course Directors:

Due to the ongoing ALSO syllabus revision and editorial process, in which 2-4 chapters are updated each year, there may be times when inconsistencies exist between chapters published at different dates. As the slide sets can be rapidly updated on occasion we may release a new slide set in advance of a chapter.

As of the June 2014 revision release, we are aware of the following inconsistencies and our editors are working diligently to achieve resolution:

B - Medical Complications
Slide set was revised to include new recommendations found in the ACOG Hypertension in Pregnancy report released in November 2013. The entire Chapter B will be updated in early 2015.

H – Assisted Vaginal Delivery
Due to the Chapter F - Labor Dystocia and slide set being revised in June 2014, the Second Stage Labor Dystocia slide in chapter H (Assisted Vaginal Delivery), slide 7 is not updated as it is in Chapter F (Labor Dystocia), slide 30. Chapter H (chapter and slide set) will be updated in 2015.

Please relay this explanation to your participants if you come to an inconsistency in the syllabus. Please feel free to share comments or questions at

Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support of the ALSO Program.

ALSO Editorial Advisory Board and Program Staff


Recommended for access via Firefox or Chrome web browser:

*Chapter B - Medical Complications Chapter(38 page PDF) Published May 2006. (see note, above).

*Chapter B - Medical Complications Slide Set(54 page PPT) (Published June 2014)

*Hypertension in Pregnancy Summary Update (4 page PDF) (Published June 2014)

*Chapter F - Labor Dystocia Chapter(18 page PDF) (Published June 2014)

*Chapter F - Labor Dystocia Slide Set(6 MB PPT) (Published June 2014)

*Chapter J - PPH Chapter only(20 page PDF) (Published June 2014)

*Chapter K - Maternal Resuscitation Chapter only(26 page PDF) (Published June 2014)

*PPH and Maternal Resuscitation Workstation Slide Set (6 MB PPT) (Published June 2014)

Additional Revisions on Course Materials CD-Rom:
- OB Cases and Instructor Sheets (new)
- Exam and Exam Answer Key
- Letter to Instructor regarding the Hypertension Summary Update
- Process forms and documents

The ALSO Instructor Manual was also revised June 2014. Revisions were not extensive, therefore, faculty may still use the 5th, 6th or 7th Edition.

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Updates and Revisions Policy

Evidence policy for the ALSO Syllabus 2006 - Present Revision Update and One Page Evidence-Based Addenda

  1. The ALSO syllabus will use the Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy (SORT) endorsed by the American Family Physician and other primary care journals.1
  2. A Summary of Recommendations will follow each chapter.
    1. There should be 6-12 summary recommendations per chapter, proportional to the amount of material covered in the chapter and the amount of evidence available.
    2. In deciding which points to choose for summary recommendations, authors should give priority to recommendations that are high quality (SORT A).
    3. SORT B recommendations can also be included when they have important clinical implications or relate to common clinical practices.
    4. SORT C recommendations WILL ONLY warrant mention in the Summary if the author feels there is exceptional relevance for clinical practice and it's important for clinicians to know that only lower level evidence is available.
  3. Each recommendation should include the reference number(s) for the article(s) that is/are the original source of the evidence.
  4. ALSO editors are available to assist authors in assigning SORT evidence levels to the summary recommendations.

Managing Editor: Larry Leeman, MD, MPH 

Co-Editor for Chapters/Slides: Jeff Quinlan, MD

Co-Editor for Chapter/Slides: Lee Dreseng, MD

Editor for AFP Serialization: Larry Leeman, MD, MPH

1 Ebell MH. Siwik J. Weiss BD, et al. Strength of recommendation taxonomy (SORT): a patient-centered approach to grading evidence in the medical literature. J Am Board Fam Pract. 17(1):59-67, 2004.