Ask and Act

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The AAFP's tobacco cessation program, "Ask and Act," encourages family physicians to ASK their patients about tobacco use, then ACT to help them quit.

Research evaluated by the AAFP Tobacco Cessation Advisory Committee at the March 2005 Tobacco Cessation Summit indicated that 70 percent of physicians ask their patients about tobacco use, and about 40 percent take action to help those who use tobacco.

Through the Ask and Act program, AAFP members have access to a variety of resources to help patients quit using tobacco. The materials are posted online for practices, residencies, family medicine departments and AAFP constituent chapters to download or order. Resources include:

For Chapters

  • Chapter Materials Request(1 page DOT)

    Request Ask and Act materials for distribution at your meeting.

  • Ads for Chapter Publications

    (Chapter Executives Only) Download Ask and Act ads from the AAFP Chapter Executives Online website. Use these ads to direct members to the Ask and Act website where they can access a variety of free resources they can use to help patients with their quit attempts. Ads are in pdf format and available in three sizes.