Basic Life Support in Obstetrics (BLSO®)

The Basic Life Support in Obstetrics (BLSO®) program has been developed to prepare participants to manage normal labor and obstetrical emergencies. BLSO is appropriate for several audiences, including: pre-hospital care providers, emergency department personnel, as well as medical, nursing and physician assistant students.

BLSO is a one-day course that offers evidence-based, hands-on workshops with mnemonics and case-based discussions that can play an important role in promoting teamwork. Pre-hospital resuscitation, communication in transit and transition to hospital care can be improved when pre-hospital and hospital providers share a conceptual framework.

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Gain the knowledge you need and experience hands-on learning when you attend a one-day BLSO Provider Course. All courses are offered by approved sponsors and include a variety of materials and resources for ongoing use.

BLSO Provider Course Contacts

Carla Cherry
ALSO Program Specialist
BLSO Coordinator
(800) 274-2237 x6554

Diana Winslow
ALSO Program Manager
BLSO Program Manager
(800) 274-2237 x6550

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About BLSO

A version of Community-Based BLSO for developing countries has been available since 2009 outside the US. The US version, unlike the version for developing countries, has a manual for pre-course study and post-course review.

BLSO is a one-day course adapted from the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO®) program, a multidisciplinary, hands-on program in which over 150,000 clinicians have been trained.


ALSO® for Maternity Care Providers

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