Global Health Opportunities

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the greatest need in global health systems worldwide is the broad application of effective primary health care.

As family physicians:

  • We have been specifically trained to provide the care that is needed in global health— care that is comprehensive, continuous, integrated, community-oriented, and team-based.
  • Our focus on preventive and population-based health care brings a much-needed perspective to the hospital-based approach that is prevalent in many parts of the world.
  • We know how to diagnose and manage a wide range of health problems in an evidence-based manner, no matter what the population or locality. 
  • We can train nurses and clinical officers in the developing world to improve the quality of primary care. We can also mentor local family physicians to serve as role models and leaders.
  • We can help populations with limited resources manage health problems effectively without the high-cost technology required by many other specialists.

World Health Mapper

The World Health Mapper, a free web-based mapping and data visualization tool developled by HealthLandscape, can help family physicians gain a deeper understanding of global health issues, and gain specific insights on population health indicators that are important to them.

The World Health Mapper allows users to visualize data related to demographics, vital statistics, child and infant health, disease prevalence, and healthcare capacity and expenditures for countries across the world in the form of maps, charts, and graphs.

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  • ALSO® - Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics -- Learn about ALSO International® and Global ALSO®, and get the skills you need to teach others about how to effectively manage potential emergencies during the perinatal period.


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Center for Global Health Initiatives

The Center for Global Health Initiatives (CGHI) supports the professional needs of AAFP members to be globally engaged.

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Events & Networking Opportunities

Global Health Workshop
October 2-4, 2015
Grand Hyatt - Denver, Colorado


Events & Networking Opportunities

Global Health Workshop
October 2-4, 2015
Grand Hyatt - Denver, Colorado