International Opportunities

Before You Travel Abroad

Note: Use the following information at your own discretion. The AAFP provides this list for information only, not as an endorsement.

Collect country-specific information about the following before your trip:

  • Travel alerts, warnings or notices
  • International travel safety information
  • International financial scams
  • How to register at the U.S. embassy or consulate
  • How to find emergency assistance for American citizens abroad
  • Applicable family and children’s issues
  • Applicable international travel health issues:
  • Vaccinations you need to have
  • Regional disease information
  • How to ensure safe food and water
  • Tips for planning a healthy trip in that area
  • How to seek health care abroad

Where to look

The following agencies and organizations may be able to help you prepare for your trip:

Medical Evacuation and Travel Insurance Services

Crisis Management and Non-medical Evacuation

Gallagher Charitable International Insurance Services( provides crisis management and evacuation for non-medical events such as natural disasters, political upheaval and terrorist activity for persons traveling abroad.

Contact Information:

Telephone: (803) 758-1400
Toll-free: (800) 922-8438
Fax: (803) 252-1988