About the AAFP and International Activities

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The AAFP International Activities office facilitates the global development of family medicine through the support of AAFP members, staff divisions and family medicine constituencies in the United States and other countries.

AAFP Members

Members who travel or work abroad act as ambassadors of family medicine to health care professionals and government officials who may not be familiar with the specialty. To support its members in this role, the AAFP International Activities office develops and distributes materials in English and other languages. Members also are an invaluable source of information on the status of family medicine in countries where they have worked or volunteered. The office also provides networking resources to help provide information about relevant international activities by other members.

AAFP Staff Divisions

The International Activities office and various AAFP divisions coordinate with one another to provide expertise or information in their respective areas. The International Activities office maintains contact and material information on international family medicine for use by internal staff. Staff frequently participate in visits by international family physicians to provide them with information on family medicine in the U.S. and how the AAFP supports its members.

Constituencies in Other Countries

The AAFP is exceptionally well-positioned to demonstrate the benefits of family medicine to government officials in areas where family medicine is just emerging. Many countries are faced with health care reform and are considering primary health care and family medicine as a way to reduce health care costs. Similarly, the AAFP can learn a great deal from those who practice family medicine in a different cultural setting with only limited resources.

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