Contra Costa Family Medicine Residency Program

Contact Information

Contra Costa Family Medicine Residency Program
2500 Alhambra Ave.
Martinez, CA 94553

Description of Program

The Contra Costa program is a dynamic, full-spectrum, hands-on, community-integrated family medicine program with a long tradition of sending residents and faculty to remote, underserved global regions.

Location(s) of program: We have standing clinical experiences in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Tanzania, China, India, Bhutan, Burma, Indonesia, and many other places around the world. We also have graduates of our program running a remote health care system in Bethel, Alaska, a remote wilderness area that provides services to Inuit and local populations.

Description of field experience: Residents routinely have global health clinical experiences during their six-week away elective in their third year. We have also allowed some residents to convert one emergency medicine rotation to a disaster relief effort, most recently to New Orleans. We have a two-year Global Underserved Fellowship run by Scott Loeliger, MD, which includes an MPH at UC Berkeley in Public Health. Kinari Webb, MD, a 2005 graduate, is developing a long-term public health and clinical services infrastructure in remote Borneo (Indonesia) through her non-profit organization Health In Harmony. Residents are participating in planning and clinical experiences with her inspiring effort.

Description of didactics: A global health journal club meets at least quarterly to review literature and discuss evidence-based, sustainable global health efforts. Quarterly to monthly noon conference didactics focus on global health and interventions.

Cost to individual resident: Resident receives pay while on electives. Mark Stinson Global Health Foundation helps support resident transportation, lodging and food.

Number of residents who have participated in the last two years: 15

Description of faculty involvement: We have a good number of faculty and graduates with extensive global health experience. Faculty help arrange electives with prior contacts, and some faculty have annual visits to particular sites, bringing groups of residents and nursing staff with them. 

Does the program accept medical students for trips? No

Does the program accept residents from outside the program for trips? No

Approximate time of year/duration of trips: Varies by resident's elective time. There are annual trips at various times of the year, mostly in the winter and early spring.

Who to contact if interested in applying:

Danielle Brodus-Zamora
Residency Coordinator
925-370-5200 x4465