International Medical Missions Elective

Contact Information

International Medical Missions Elective
833 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Description of Program

Quarterly intense 1-week elective program offered to 2nd and 3rd year Family Medicine Residents and 4th year medical students interested in service learning opportunities internationally.

Location(s) of program: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Description of field experience: Field experience is 1 week

Description of didactics: The pre-missions tour includes a power point orientation, which includes the goal/objectives, community facts, world health organization prevalence of disease, and customs/forms for travel outside of the country.

Cost to individual resident: Approximately $1,400/week, which includes transportation, food and airfare.

Number of residents who have participated in the last two years: 6

Description of faculty involvement: Designed by faculty who have developed a longitudinal relationship with the Ministry of Health of Jamaica, along with community leaders, to culminate in the development of an action-packed experience for the learners. The faculty member plays an integral part of teaching/precepting during the pre- and post-tour events.

Does the program accept medical students for trips? Yes

Does the program accept residents from outside the program for trips? Yes

Approximate time of year/duration of trips: Feb, June, and October; 1 week duration.

Who to contact if interested in applying:

Deborah K. Witt, MD
Assistant Professor