LaCrosse-Mayo Family Medicine Residency

Contact Information

LaCrosse-Mayo Family Medicine Residency
815 South 10th Street
LaCrosse, WI, 55947

Description of Program 

We have a global health curriculum that includes didactic preparation, small group meetings, affiliation with local university programs and post-visit debriefing/presentation. The rotation is an elective lasting one to four weeks.

Location(s) of program: The residency is working to set up sites affiliated with local universities. Residents are also free to identify their own experiences, pending faculty approval.

Description of field experience: Rotations typically last from 1-4 weeks in duration. Field experiences are available on all continents. Some are direct, hands-on mission work, while others are more "retraining" and assessment visits.

Description of didactics: A core curriculum of lectures for all faculty and residents about global health issues exists. For those choosing to participate in the global health elective, additional meetings are held prior to departure and on return. Didactics are taught by faculty.

Cost to individual resident: There are scholarships available within the local institution and the regional institution to support the travel.

Number of residents who have participated in the last two years: 4

Description of faculty involvement: Faculty leadership is present in the curriculum design and meetings; several faculty have been actively involved in international work and have numerous contacts globally.

Does the program accept medical students for trips? No

Does the program accept residents from outside the program for trips? No

Approximate time of year/duration of trips: Per the resident's schedule.

Who to contact if interested in applying: 

Cheri Olson, MD