Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program

Contact Information

Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program
14023 Southwest Freeway
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Description of Program

The Memorial Family Medicine Program has been training residents for more than 30 years. At present we have 14 positions for each PGY year. Our supporting hospital has a long history of service not only in our community but also in many parts of the world. At present the international experience is on a voluntary basis by our faculty and residents for more than 10 years

Location(s) of program: In past years our faculty and resident have traveled to Honduras, Nicaragua, India, and Macau-SAR, China.

Description of field experience: The majority of the faculty and residents serve as part of the medical team in short-term medical missions. The duration of most of the mission trips is seven to 10 days. The mission to Macau, China, was for four weeks.

Description of didactics: Lectures in local customs, expected behaviors, dress, and religion are provided. Medical lectures on the more common local diseases, treatment, and "health and hygiene" are taught by our own faculty and occasionally by a local physician or health ministry official.

Cost to individual resident: The cost for trips to Central America is about $1,200 to $1,500 depending on airfare costs (includes transportation, room and board). The cost for trips to India is about $2,000 and to China is about $3,000. 

Number of residents who have participated in the last two years: 9

Description of faculty involvement: Faculty serve as trip coordinators from the pre-planning to return and post-trip report. They help coordinate documents, including passports/visas, customs paperwork, etc. Faculty also provide in-the-field lectures and serve as preceptors to residents.

Does the program accept medical students for trips? No

Does the program accept residents from outside the program for trips? No

Approximate time of year/duration of trips: Depends on the trip: In recent years, February/March for Nicaragua, June/July for Honduras, and Jan/Feb for Macau, China.

Who to contact if interested in applying: 

Peter Kwan, MD