Providence Milwaukie FMRP

Contact Information

10150 SE 32nd Ave
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Description of Program

Working with Obstetric and Gynecologic rotations in an Ecuadorian medical school. Teaching and clinical care in conjunction with Ecuadorian medical students and residents.

Location(s) of program: Santo Domingo de Los Colorados, Ecuador.

Description of field experience: 4 weeks.

Description of didactics: Course didactics with Ecuadorian medical students and residents. Residents help with some teaching. Medical Spanish fluency is a requirement for participation.

Cost to individual resident: Travel subsidies are available. There are some incidental expenses for lodging and meals. Vacation time on either end of rotation is a possibility at the resident's expense.

Number of residents who have participated in the last two years: 2

Description of faculty involvement: Milwaukie FMRP faculty who are fluent in Spanish accompany Residents on this rotation and help with supervision and teaching.

Does the program accept medical students for trips? No

Does the program accept residents from outside the program for trips? No

Approximate time of year/duration of trips: Usually in the spring or fall. One or two rotations/year.

Who to contact if interested in applying: 

Robert Gobbo, MD
Women's Health Coordinator, FMRP