St. Vincent's East Family Medicine Residency

Contact Information

St. Vincent's East Family Medicine Residency
2152 Old Springville Road
Birmingham, AL 35215

Description of Program

Established in 1977, St. Vincent’s East Family Medicine Residency Program is a community-based, solo residency program dedicated to a strong tradition of excellence in patient care, service and medical education. Faculty members bring a wealth of experience and broadly varied talents to the program, contributing to a balanced and well-rounded educational program. We are committed to maintaining Biblical principles in our relationships with both patients and residents. It is our steadfast intent to foster an atmosphere that cultivates excellence in all arenas of the resident's life and medical education.

Location(s) of program: Various countries, including but not limited to: Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, China, Korea, Afghanistan, Honduras, Peru, Argentina and Venezuela.

Description of field experience: Varied: clinical medicine, research, public health education and academic teaching. Duration: 10 days to 1 month

Description of didactics: Lectures, individual study

Cost to individual resident: Varies; stipend and elective credit available to all residents through application and elective scheduling with faculty advisor; stipend up to $2,500 to $3,000.

Number of residents who have participated in the last two years: 4

Description of faculty involvement: Several current and former faculty members are consistently involved in international work. Residents frequently accompany faculty on trips. Faculty also help to coordinate and arrange international opportunities.

Does the program accept medical students for trips? No

Does the program accept residents from outside the program for trips? No

Approximate time of year/duration of trips: Time of year varies; usual duration is between 10 days and 1 month.

Who to contact if interested in applying:

Kathy Graves
Residency Coordinator