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Description of Program

The University Hospitals Case Medical Center International Health Track prepares participants to become leaders in the international health community through a systematic exposure to the field. Training begins in the first year. First-year residents are expected to attend a monthly journal club (provided that it does not interfere with service demands) that focuses on a specific topic of discussion. This basic knowledge is then expanded upon in the second year through a required reading of landmark journal articles and participation in a two-week didactic course taught within the department and a one-week course on managing complex humanitarian emergencies offered by Case. These mid-level residents assume additional responsibilities at monthly journal club and special surgical skills workshops. With this foundation, third-year residents assume a senior role in the international health track. Third-year residents are expected to organize and orient junior residents, develop an academic project regarding an area of interest, meaningfully contribute in an international health field experience, and draft either a poster or paper suitable for publication. At the completion of this training, residents will have the necessary background and skills to deliver health care in any nation at any time, as well as complete the academic dissemination of their work.

Location(s) of program: The University Hospitals Case Medical Center Department of Family Medicine houses the international health track. The field site changes based upon the consultation source.

Description of field experience: The field experience changes based upon the consultation source. Examples of previous programs include Reducing Under Five Mortality Rates in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, developing a primary care referral system in Vietnam, and investigating the delivery of HIV-AIDS services in India. Each field experience requires the participant to understand the foundations of international health and implement evidence based interventions. Residents have participated in international field experiences as groups and independently.

Description of didactics: There are several didactic experiences involved with the Case Western Reserve University International Health Track. The first-year didactic requirement is a monthly journal club. Topics vary per month and prior topics have included desertification, post-traumatic stress disorder in refugees, nuclear proliferation, international adoptions and human trafficking. The second-year didactics series includes a two-week course that reviews landmark journal articles. It also focuses on evidence-based interventions, program development, consultation exercise and improving surgical skills. This is followed by a one-week course on complex humanitarian emergencies. This course provides additional knowledge regarding water management, land mine injuries, nutrition and emergency obstetrics. International health track residents are also exposed to several informal didactic sessions from Dr. M. Morikawa through one-to-one mentorship.

Cost to individual resident: At this point, there is no individual monetary cost to the individual resident. This track does expect participants to attend required activities that have the associated cost of individual free time and decreased elective time for other interests.

Number of residents who have participated in the last two years: 10

Description of faculty involvement: Dr. M. Morikawa is the director of the international health track. He is actively involved within the international health community and serves as the medical director for Kinderberg International. Residents receive individual mentorship and guidance from Dr. M. Morikawa. He is interested in developing competent and active medical practitioners.

Does the program accept medical students for trips? No 

Does the program accept residents from outside the program for trips? No

Approximate time of year/duration of trips: It is difficult to predict the time of year for international health trips since this revolves around the political climate of the consulting nation. Resident members can expect to have a minimum of a one-month field experience.

Who to contact if interested in applying:

Masahiro Morikawa, MD, MPH