Appointed Resident Positions

Resident Alternate Delegate to the American Medical Association House of Delegates

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The AAFP selects one resident as a member of the delegation to the AMA House of Delegates.
Members of the AMA House of Delegates serve as an important communications, policy and membership link between the AMA and grassroots physicians. The delegates are a key source of information on activities, programs and policies of the AMA. They are expected to foster positive and useful two-way relationship between grassroots physicians and the AMA leadership.


  • Represent the AAFP membership at the AMA meetings, while offering the resident perspective.
  • Participate in all AMA delegation activities as directed by the chair of the AAFP AMA delegation.
  • Attend the National Conference during the two years following appointment.


  • A member of the AMA as well as a member of the AAFP at the time of appointment and for the duration of the two year term.
  • Applicant should be a PGY1 or 2 and will be a resident or fellow for the complete two year term.
  • Applicant should have AMA experience as a medical student or resident prior to applying to this position.
  • Applicant should have demonstrated leadership experience

NOTE: This position is for a two year term beginning January 1, 2014. Deadline for applications for this position is August 19, 2013.

Term: Two year term beginning January 1 after appointment. Resident Delegate attends two AMA Annual Meetings and two AMA Interim Meetings

Time commitment away from medical school: Approximately 16-18 days (includes weekends) for travel and attendance at meetings

Time commitment for communication and meeting preparation: Substantial

Funding: Travel expenses are reimbursed according to AAFP policy.

Resident Representative to the American Medical Association – Resident and Fellow Section (AMA-RFS)

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The AAFP sends two residents to the AMA Resident and Fellow Section (AMA-RFS) to serve as the AAFP’s delegate and alternate delegate.


  • Represent the AAFP resident interests at the AMA-RFS meetings
  • Provide written and oral reports to the AAFP Commission on Education (COE) and the National Conference.
  • Attend the Education Reference Committee of the AMA House of Delegates immediately following the AMA-RFS meeting.


  • Delegate is funded to attend National Conference
  • Interact with AMA delegates from the AAFP

Criteria: Member of the AMA as well as the AAFP at the time of appointment

Term: One year (October 2013 to September 2014). Alternate delegate may consider applying for appointment as delegate the following year.

Time Commitment away from Residency: 12 days

Time commitment for communication and meeting preparation: Substantial the month prior to the AMA-RFS meetings

Required Meetings:

Meeting: AMA Interim MeetingDates: November 16-19, 2013Location: National Harbor, MD
Meeting: AMA Annual MeetingDates: June 7-11, 2014Location: Chicago, IL
Meeting: National ConferenceDates: August 7-9, 2014Location: Kansas City, MO

Representatives to Annals of Family Medicine Editorial Advisory Board

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Note: Applications for the resident position to the Editorial Advisory Board are being accepted. Application deadline is August 19, 2013.

The Annals of Family Medicine is a peer-reviewed clinical research journal dedicated to advancing knowledge essential to understanding and improving health and primary care. Published in print and online six times a year, the journal seeks to identify and address important questions in health and the provision of patient-centered, prioritized, high-quality health care. It publishes original research, methodology and theory, as well as essays from reflective clinicians, patients, families, communities and policymakers.

The Editorial Board consists of more than 30 members, including a patient representative, representatives of the organizations that sponsor Annals, and other leaders in primary care, primary care research, health care, health and medical education.


  • Attend one meeting per year, usually held in the fall in conjunction with the annual meeting of the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG)
  • Help Annals develop and maintain a social media presence. This includes posting items on Annals’ Facebook page and providing input on the development of other social media activities.


  • A demonstrated interest in family medicine research
  • Working knowledge of social media including Facebook and Twitter

Term: One year. A nominee will be recommended to the AAFP Board of Directors with final approval by the Annals editorial team. The appointment is for one year with an option to serve a second term with the approval of the editorial team.

Time away from medical school: 4-5 days

Time commitment for communication and meeting preparation: Light to moderate. Board members may also be asked to provide input by e-mail and/or phone at other times during the year.

Required Meetings:
Annual Annals of Family Medicine Editorial Advisory Board

Annals will reimburse the resident and student representatives for meeting expenses. Medical students and family medicine residents are eligible.

Review Committee for Family Medicine (RC-FM) Resident Member

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Note: Applications for this position will be accepted June 1, 2013. This is a two year term beginning July 2014 and ending December 31, 2016.

The Review Committee for Family Medicine (RC-FM) serves as the accrediting authority for all family medicine residency programs in the United States. The committee reviews all new applications for family medicine residency program accreditation and periodically reviews existing programs to determine continuing compliance with the “Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in Family Medicine” and the “General Requirements of the Essentials of Accredited Residencies in Graduate Medical Education.” The RC-FM acts under the delegated authority of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), which retains the responsibility of hearing appeals brought by programs after review by the Review Committee.

The two main functions of the RC-FM are the development of program requirements and the review and accreditation of residency programs. The resident is a full voting member of the committee and participates in all of the discussions and in program review. This position will represent the resident perspective, not that of the AAFP.

The appointment process begins in the year prior to the new resident member’s term. The names of the resident nominees selected by the AAFP is provided to the RC-FM and the ACGME Board of Directors for final approval.


  • Participates as a full voting member in all Review Committee for Family Medicine (RC-FM) activities.
  • Must attend all RC-FM meetings.
  • Reviews 10-15 residency programs in preparation for full discussion at the RC-FM meetings.
    • The review of a file on a program that had a site visit takes approximately two to three hours each.
    • Review consists of a careful study of each program and the preparation of typed notes that must be prepared in the standard ACGME format and according to RC guidelines.
    • The reviewers’ notes are submitted to the RC office by the deadline established by the staff (approximately three weeks prior to the RC meeting).
    • These program files are mailed to committee members well in advance of each meeting, i.e., at least 6-10 weeks
    • RC members who will not be typing their notes themselves will require secretarial help.
  • Attend the Council of Review Committee Residents (CRCR) twice a year. The CRCR advises the ACGME Board, providing input and feedback about resident matters.
  • Occasionally, there are other activities that involve committee members’ time between meetings, such as reviewing and commenting on ACGME documents or other committee business.


  • Be involved with residency education and accreditation at a national level
  • Hold an important resident leadership position
  • Have mentoring opportunities with national leaders in family medicine residency education


  • Ideal candidates should be current R1 when applying; thus when beginning his/her term, the RC-FM Resident Member would be an R2, planning a fellowship or entering practice.
  • Because of the significant amount of time that is involved, the RC requests a letter from the resident member’s program director indicating that the program director’s endorsement for the resident to serve in this position. The program director is asked to prepare a letter and submit to the AAFP Division of Medical Education in which the following are agreed to:
    • It will be acceptable for the resident member to be absent from his/her residency program for all scheduled RC meetings (three per year).
    • The resident member will be given extra time in which to accomplish the program reviews prior to each RC meeting.
    • Participation on the RC is considered to be a voluntary contribution to the profession, and the resident should not be penalized by excessive duty hours to make up for the absences.
    • Some secretarial help should be made available to the resident member, if needed, for the completion of the work that is required.

Term: Term begins in July for two years. Resident must attend a mandatory orientation May 2014 before beginning the term.

Time commitment away from residency: Approximately days 15-17 (includes weekends) for travel and attendance at meetings

Time commitment for communication and meeting preparation: Substantial. More than 40 hours of preparation for reviewing files prior to each meeting.

Funding: Travel covered according to ACGME Travel Policy.

Required Meetings:

Meeting: New member orientation including observing the CRCR (1-2 days)Dates: Before term begins February/MarchLocation:  
Meeting: Review committee meetings (2-3 days)Dates: September or OctoberLocation: Chicago, IL
Meeting: Review committee meetings (2-3 days)Dates: JanuaryLocation:  
Meeting: Review committee meetings (2-3 days)Dates: MayLocation:  
Meeting: Council of Review Committee Residents (CRCR)Dates: JuneLocation: Kansas City, MO
Meeting: Council of Review Committee Residents (CRCR)Dates: FebruaryLocation:  
Meeting: Special project meetings (usually 1 – 2 days as needed)Dates: TBDLocation:  

Chapter Delegates to Resident and Student Congresses

Contact your chapter to express interest in this position.

Each year, AAFP constituent chapters elect/select one student member and one resident member to serve as chapter delegates to the National Congress of Family Medicine Residents (NCFMR) and the National Congress of Student Members (NCSM). The NCFMR and NCSM convene during the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students. The resolutions generated at these congresses influence Academy policy and activities.

Responsibilities of NCFMR/NCSM Delegates

  • Poll residents and students in your chapter prior to the National Conference for important issues your constituents would like to have addressed.
  • Organize chapter caucuses during the National Conference.
  • Attend all business sessions and assure that members of your chapter delegation attend these and related sessions.
  • Encourage submission of resolutions from your chapter delegation.
  • Attend the candidates’ forum. Attendance is imperative, as you will be casting the single vote for your chapter delegation.
  • Be prepared to discuss and act upon resolutions during the final business session.
  • Take what you’ve learned back to your chapter and educate your constituents.

Criteria: Established by each chapter. If you are interested in this role, contact your chapter executive.

Contact information for chapters appears in the resource section.

Term: Through National Conference August 7-9, 2014

Time away: 4 days

Time commitment for communication and meeting preparation: Minimal to Moderate

NOTE: The AAFP does not provide funding for chapter delegates to attend the National Conference. Support is usually sought at the state and local levels.

Resident Representative to the AAFP Center for International Health Initiatives (CIHI)

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  • Represent the resident perspective as a member of the AAFP Center for International Health Initiatives Advisory Board.
  • Participate in the program development of the annual AAFP Global Health Workshop
  • Coordinate resident activities, if any, during the Global Health Workshop
  • Facilitate/moderate the Global Health Networking meeting at the AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students
  • Disseminate global health-related messages via appropriate social media channels
  • Provide input to global health-related communications


  • Involved with planning the AAFP Family Medicine Global Health Workshop
  • Takes the lead in preparing and facilitating the Global Health Networking Meeting at the National Conference
  • Affords opportunities for mentoring from established leaders in global health


  • Must be PGY1
  • Demonstrate interest and involvement in global health
  • Must have residency director’s endorsement that time away from residency will be granted to attend meetings

Term: Appointed January and begin a two-year term at the CIHI Interim meeting (April 2014).

Time commitment away from residency: Approximately 11-12 days including weekends

Time commitment for communication and meeting preparation: Approximately 25 hours a year

Funding: Provided for CIHI Advisory Board Interim meeting attendance and Global Health Workshop attendance

Notes: The resident member of the CIHI Advisory Board can only serve on the Board once. He/she is not eligible for re-election.

Meeting: CIHI AB Interim MeetingDates: April, 2014Location: TBA
Meeting: AAFP Global Health Workshop
Dates: September 10-13, 2014Location: San Diego, CA
Meeting: CIHI AB Interim MeetingDates: April, 2015
Location: TBA
Meeting: AAFP Global Health WorkshopDates: TBALocation: Denver (tentative)