Integrated Practice Arrangements

The AAFP encourages health professionals to work together as clinically integrated teams in the best interest of patients. Patients are best served when their care is provided by a physician or through an integrated practice care team led by a physician.

The patient-centered medical home represents an example of an integrated practice arrangement in which a licensed physician (MD/DO) works jointly with other health care personnel to manage the care of an individual patient and a population of patients using an integrated approach to health care. The arrangement should support an interdependent, team-based approach to care. It should address patient needs for high quality, accessible health care and reflect the skills, training and abilities of each health care team member to the full extent of their license.

The central goal of an integrated health care team is to provide the most effective, efficient and accessible evidence-based care to the patient. Patient-oriented outcome measures should be used to assess the quality of care delivered by the team. The team member assuming lead responsibility for various aspects of patient care will ultimately be determined by matching team members' clinical competencies and skills with patient needs. (1996 COD) 2012 COD)