AAFP Mailing List Policy

The American Academy of Family Physicians has contracted with INFOCUS Marketing to exclusively handle all external facets of its member list rental program. Please refer all list inquiries, count requests, and list orders to INFOCUS Marketing as noted below:

Phone Number: 800-708-LIST (5478)
Fax Number: 866-708-LIST (5478)
Email Address: sales@InfocusMarketing.com
Website: www.InfocusMarketing.com(www.InfocusMarketing.com)

The American Academy of Family Physicians' data card can be accessed online at: http://www.infocusmarketing.com/lists/207(www.infocusmarketing.com)


Promoting CME Activities

The AAFP list may be purchased for one-time use by organizations wanting to promote a CME activity to AAFP members. If the CME activity offers AAFP credit, please include a copy of the official credit approval form received by the AAFP CME Credit System and Compliance Department. The list may be purchased without AAFP credit under the guidelines explained in the following section. No reference to AAFP can be made within the promotional materials without prior AAFP approval through INFOCUS Marketing. A list for the names of members who will attend a CME activity is not available.

The AAFP encourages organizations to offer AAFP CME credit. AAFP members, who are required to earn AAFP Prescribed credit, will look for the official AAFP CME credit statement when deciding to attend a CME activity. To learn more about the AAFP CME certification process, please visit the CME Credit Systems and Compliance section of our Web site or call the Contact Center at 1-800-274-2237.

Other Promotional Mailings

A list for registrants at the AAFP Scientific Assembly (annual meeting), may be provided at the rate set forth in these guidelines to organizations and individuals requesting them for the purpose of marketing a program, product, or service. However, before a list is made available, the proposed piece will be reviewed by the AAFP in its final state through INFOCUS Marketing. The decision as to whether a list will be provided shall be determined solely on the basis of whether:

  • The piece promotes a program, product, or service that reasonably can be expected to be of interest to AAFP members by virtue of its relevance to the clinical and socioeconomic practice of medicine or education of future physicians.
  • The piece is tastefully designed and does not make claims that have no basis in fact.
  • To the best of the AAFP's knowledge, the sponsor of the piece is reputable and can be expected to provide the service or product promoted in the mailing piece in accordance with the language therein.

Research/Survey Projects

A list may be provided at the rate set forth in these guidelines to organizations and individuals requesting them for the purpose of involving AAFP members in surveys and research projects. The decision as to whether a list shall be provided for such surveys or research projects will be determined by the AAFP Marketing Research Department, through INFOCUS Marketing, on the basis of the following guidelines:

  1. The request must be made by a reputable person or organization.
  2. The survey instrument must be designed to produce valid and reliable results.
  3. The request must clearly state the objectives of the study and indicate the intended use of the results. If results are to be published in any fashion, including electronic media, the participants in the study are to be informed.
  4. The potential results should:
    1. Significantly add to the body of knowledge in the medical field, particularly family medicine, and
    2. Have a positive benefit for the membership of the AAFP.
  5. The AAFP Marketing Research Department is required to review and approve a complete copy of all pieces. This includes:
    1. All cover letters/materials soliciting members to participate (if there are multiple communications, all follow-up must be included.) If the results are to be published, the participants in the study should be informed in the cover letter.
    2. A final copy of the survey instrument.
    3. Copies of all envelopes (including BREs) used in correspondence with AAFP members. These may be scanned and emailed as a .pdf or faxed.
    4. Any other pieces that will be received by members on the list.


  • The Academy will not sell its list for telephone or facsimile solicitations.
  • Permission to use the list for promotion or a research/survey project in no way implies an endorsement by the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  • All mail pieces are subject to the approval of the AAFP, who reserves the right to reject any request at any time.

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