Medicaid, Core Principles

The AAFP supports specifying the following principles to the policy on Medicaid, Core Principles:

  • federal share should be increased if Medicaid enrollment is increased by federal legislation;
  • payment for primary care services should be at least equal to Medicare;
  • the patient-centered medical home model of care with appropriate payment for case management/care coordination should be implemented broadly;
  • a benefit profile should be required that includes first dollar coverage of preventive services;
  • cost-containment determined by evidence-based research;
  • a clear definition of medical necessity based on evidence;
  • Medicaid should support health information exchange through adequate infrastructure investment and electronic medical records by means of adequate payment for electronic visits and related services;
  • pay for performance and other quality improvement activities rooted in evidence-based research;
  • current pharmaceutical benefits for dual eligibles should be maintained if those benefits cover more drug costs than does the Medicare benefit;
  • coverage of tobacco cessation counseling, pharmaceuticals and other assistive methods should be included;
  • federal financial participation in territorial assistance programs should be equitable;
  • coverage of pharmaceutical and oral health benefits should be mandatory; and
  • Medicaid programs should provide continuous eligibility for at least twelve months.

(2005) (2010 COD)