Patient Care, Concurrent

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) recognizes that, in many instances, concurrent care is medically necessary and it is our position that it should be appropriately paid. (B1977) (2009 COD)

When more than one physician renders care concurrently and each physician documents the need for each his or her care in the hospital records, each physician is entitled to payment without further documentation. (1980) (2009 COD)

The AAFP endorses the principle that inpatient involvement of the family physician concurrent with other consulting specialties is frequently essential to the best care of the patient, including problem solving, coordination, management of services and/or emotional support. The AAFP urges that all family physicians document the reasons for concurrent care and advocates that third-party payers pay fees charged for documented concurrent care delivered by family physicians. (1981) (2009 COD)