The symbol of family medicine was devised by the AAFP to serve as an instantly recognizable identification logotype on all promotional vehicles concerning the specialty of family medicine. (1969) (2009 COD)

The use of the logotype representative of family medicine may be used by individual AAFP members on stationery, office buildings and in other ways conducive to the public's associating the symbol with the family physician and excellence in medical care. A written request detailing the manner in which the symbol is to be used must be submitted in advance to Academy headquarters. (1971) (2009 COD)

The symbol is owned by the AAFP and is a registered service mark. Control of its use is in the hands of the AAFP's executive vice president. Many residency programs have obtained permission to use it as an identifying sign of family medicine training centers. The symbol in no way supplants the AAFP's official seal but is widely used as the official expression of family medicine. (1974) (2009 COD)