Violence in the Media

The AAFP is strongly opposed to the fictional portrayal of violence in all media formats when attention is not paid to the consequences of injuries, injury prevention practices or historical context. Clinicians and researchers have warned that exposure to media violence may stimulate children and adolescents to use aggressive behavior to achieve goals or resolve conflicts. The AAFP encourages its members to become knowledgeable about the problems associated with exposure to violence and educate their patients accordingly.

The AAFP supports community and legislative efforts focusing on the reduction of children's exposure to violence in the media such as the media rating system already used in many states. Parents are encouraged to:

  • set limits on TV and Internet use,
  • screen the programs their children view to assure appropriateness for age and maturity,
  • employ parental controls on media devices whenever possible, and
  • seek alternatives for using the media for babysitting and entertainment.

(2000) (2011 COD)