Table 21: Number of Accredited Programs, Approved First-Year Positions, National Residency Match Program (NRMP) Fill Rate, Actual Fill Rate, and Total Residents for Family Medicine Residency Programs (as of July 2014)

Number of Accredited Programs, Approved First-Year Positions, National Residency Match Program (NRMP) Fill Rate, Actual Fill Rate, and Total Residents for Family Medicine Residency Programs (as of July 2014)

Fill Rate
Fill Rate
Year**: 1976Accredited Programs: 288Approved First-year Positions: 1,935NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 83.4%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 96.1%Total Residents: 4,675
Year**: 1977Accredited Programs: 325Approved First-year Positions: 2,183NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 80.5%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 93.6%Total Residents: 5,421
Year**: 1978Accredited Programs: 348Approved First-year Positions: 2,411NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 83.1%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 96.1%Total Residents: 6,033
Year**: 1979Accredited Programs: 364Approved First-year Positions: 2,500NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 80.2%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 94.4%Total Residents: 6,531
Year**: 1980Accredited Programs: 382Approved First-year Positions: 2,536NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 77.7%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 93.2%Total Residents: 6,735
Year**: 1981Accredited Programs: 386Approved First-year Positions: 2,602NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 78.3%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 95.7%Total Residents: 7,028
Year**: 1982Accredited Programs: 387Approved First-year Positions: 2,657NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 82.1%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 97.0%Total Residents: 7,204
Year**: 1983Accredited Programs: 388Approved First-year Positions: 2,628NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 80.6%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 96.0%Total Residents: 7,409
Year**: 1984Accredited Programs: 384Approved First-year Positions: 2,584NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 85.0%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 98.7%Total Residents: 7,486
Year**: 1985Accredited Programs: 378Approved First-year Positions: 2,565NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 80.0%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 98.5%Total Residents: 7,486
Year**: 1986Accredited Programs: 381Approved First-year Positions: 2,544NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 82.0%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 97.2%Total Residents: 7,446
Year**: 1987Accredited Programs: 382Approved First-year Positions: 2,607NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 82.6%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 94.2%Total Residents: 7,419
Year**: 1988Accredited Programs: 381Approved First-year Positions: 2,608NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 73.3%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 91.0%Total Residents: 7,279
Year**: 1989Accredited Programs: 384Approved First-year Positions: 2,672NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 71.1%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 90.9%Total Residents: 7,392
Year**: 1990Accredited Programs: 382Approved First-year Positions: 2,677NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 70.4%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 89.2%Total Residents: 7,268
Year**: 1991Accredited Programs: 390Approved First-year Positions: 2,736NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 65.0%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 88.3%Total Residents: 7,275
Year**: 1992Accredited Programs: 394Approved First-year Positions: 2,789NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 67.5%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 90.7%Total Residents: 7,457
Year**: 1993Accredited Programs: 399Approved First-year Positions: 2,950NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 77.3%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 94.8%Total Residents: 7,866
Year**: 1994Accredited Programs: 410Approved First-year Positions: 3,159NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 82.7%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 96.2%Total Residents: 8,513
Year**: 1995Accredited Programs: 436Approved First-year Positions: 3,338NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 87.1%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 97.4%Total Residents: 9,410
Year**: 1996Accredited Programs: 452Approved First-year Positions: 3,572NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 90.5%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 97.8%Total Residents: 10,102
Year**: 1997Accredited Programs: 465Approved First-year Positions: 3,661NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 89.1%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 97.5%Total Residents: 10,531
Year**: 1998Accredited Programs: 475Approved First-year Positions: 3,723NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 85.5%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 96.0%Total Residents: 10,687
Year**: 1999Accredited Programs: 474Approved First-year Positions: 3,644NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 82.6%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 97.1%Total Residents: 10,632
Year**: 2000Accredited Programs: 472Approved First-year Positions: 3,623NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 81.2%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 95.9%Total Residents: 10,503
Year**: 2001Accredited Programs: 469Approved First-year Positions: 3,528NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 76.3%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 96.3%Total Residents: 10,262
Year**: 2002Accredited Programs: 466Approved First-year Positions: 3,523NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 70.4%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 95.4%Total Residents: 10,130
Year**: 2003Accredited Programs: 474Approved First-year Positions: 3,480NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 65.5%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 95.7%Total Residents: 9,995
Year**: 2004Accredited Programs: 472Approved First-year Positions: 3,501NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 78.8%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 93.5%Total Residents: 9,825
Year**: 2005Accredited Programs: 459Approved First-year Positions: 3,389NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 71.1%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 96.8%Total Residents: 9,780
Year**: 2006Accredited Programs: 460Approved First-year Positions: 3,527NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 71.5%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 97.2%Total Residents: 9,997
Year**: 2007Accredited Programs: 458Approved First-year Positions: 3,431NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 67.4%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 93.4%Total Residents: 10,085
Year**: 2008Accredited Programs: 455Approved First-year Positions: 3,309NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 75.4%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 99.9%Total Residents: 10,042
Year**: 2009Accredited Programs: 451Approved First-year Positions: 3,284NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 73.9%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 97.5%Total Residents: 9,747
Year**: 2010Accredited Programs: 452Approved First-year Positions: 3,316NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 74.2%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 99.7%Total Residents: 9,790
Year**: 2011Accredited Programs: 451Approved First-year Positions: 3,458NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 76.8%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 99.6%Total Residents: 10,022
Year**: 2012Accredited Programs: 454Approved First-year Positions: 3,502NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 77.7%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 99.8%Total Residents: 10,104
Year**: 2013Accredited Programs: 461Approved First-year Positions: 3,575NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 84.0%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 99.9%Total Residents: 10,384
Year**: 2014Accredited Programs: 477Approved First-year Positions: 3,603NRMP Fill Rate (Percent): 85.20%Actual Fill Rate (Percent): 99.80%Total Residents: 10,662
Year**: **As of July 1 each year.

Source: American Academy of Family Physicians, Annual Residency Census Survey, 1976-2014