Table 3: Selected Practice Characteristics of Active AAFP Members (as of June 30, 2014)

Selected Practice Characteristics of Active AAFP Members (as of June 30, 2014)

Which of the following best describes your employment/professional situation?
Full-time (at least 35 hours/week)Count: 30,003Percent: 87.4%
Part-timeCount: 3,932Percent: 11.4%
Fully retiredCount: 43Percent: 0.1%
Not in the workforce for other reasonsCount: 273Percent: 0.8%
No responseCount: 91Percent: 0.3%
 Count:  Percent:  
Average percent of time spent in various tasks
   : Clinical practice/patient care and related tasksMean: 82.6%Median: 90.0%
   : Administration or managerial tasks (not directly related to patient care)Mean: 10.9%Median: 5.0%
   : ResearchMean: 1.1%Median: 0.0%
   : TeachingMean: 5.4%Median: 0.0%
   :  Mean:  Median:  
   : Which of the following best describes your role in the ownership of your primary clinical practice?
You are the sole owner of your practiceCount: 5,109Percent: 14.9%
You are a partial owner or shareholder in your practiceCount: 6,522Percent: 19.0%
You have no offical ownership stake in your practice (100% employed)Count: 21,772Percent: 61.7%
Not applicable/not in clinical practiceCount: 1,005Percent: 2.9%
No responseCount: 534Percent: 1.6%
 Count:  Percent:  
Who is your primary employer?
You (self-employed, majority practice owner, independent contractor, etc.)Count: 7,697Percent: 22.4%
Physicians group (single- or multi-specialty)Count: 7,535Percent: 21.9%
University-owned (public or private) clinic or hospitalCount: 2,322Percent: 6.8%
Private for-profit hospital or health systemCount: 2,170Percent: 6.3%
Private non-profit hospital or health systemCount: 8,840Percent: 25.7%
Managed care organization or insurance companyCount: 672Percent: 2.0%
Federal, state, or local government, community board, etc. (not including universities)Count: 3,358Percent: 9.8%
Locum tenens group/staffing organizationCount: 241Percent: 0.7%
OtherCount: 994Percent: 2.9%
No responseCount: 513Percent: 1.5%
 Count:  Percent:  
If you see patients, indicate your primary patient care location
Office or clinic: privately-owned medical practice (including private hospital-owned office and clinics)Count: 17,422Percent: 50.7%
Office or clinic: Federally-qualified community health centerCount: 2,834Percent: 8.3%
Office or clinic: other clinic (including non-profit or public hospital-owned offices and clinics)Count: 8,310Percent: 24.2%
Total Office or ClinicCount: 28,566Percent: 83.2%
Hospital (not emergency department)Count: 1,059Percent: 3.1%
Hospital emergency departmentCount: 1,150Percent: 3.3%
Urgent care facilityCount: 1,120Percent: 3.3%
Institutional residential facilityCount: 673Percent: 2.0%
You do not see patients in your primary settingCount: 473Percent: 1.4%
OtherCount: 554Percent: 1.6%
None selectedCount: 747Percent: 2.2%
 Count:  Percent:  
Please indicate all specialties of physicians working at your primary location, including yourself (Base for percentages: 34,325)
Family medicineCount: 34,051Percent: 99.2%
General internal medicineCount: 9,541Percent: 27.8%
Other specialtiesCount: 6,592Percent: 19.2%
PediatricsCount: 4,914Percent: 14.3%
Obstetrics/gynecologyCount: 3,534Percent: 10.3%
Emergency medicineCount: 7,484Percent: 21.8%
None selectedCount: 288Percent: 0.8%

Source: American Academy of Family Physicians Member Census, June 30, 2014