March 31 is the last day for patients to enroll for health insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace until November 2014. The Health Insurance Marketplace offers uninsured patients options to research, compare, and purchase comprehensive health insurance plans.

As a family physician, you have the opportunity to help your patients understand the changing health care landscape so they can make coverage decisions that are appropriate for their health care needs. During patient visits, continue to discuss the insurance options available through the Marketplace and remind them to enroll by March 31. To facilitate and supplement your conversations, additional information on understanding the Health Insurance Marketplace can be found on

Marketplace Overview

ACA: 2014 Changes

  • Low-cost coverage options are available through the Marketplaces
  • All marketplace plans offer a comprehensive set of essential benefits
  • Plans can no longer deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions
  • People who don't have health care coverage will have to pay a fee
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Essential Benefits

Covered Essential Benefits


Preventive Services

Covered Preventive Services

  • Immunizations for all adults and children
  • Obesity screening and counseling for all adults and children
  • Blood pressure screening for adults and children
  • Type 2 diabetes screening for adults who have hypertension
  • Cholesterol screening for at-risk adults
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