Using Speak Out

Respond to leaders on issues that matter to you

Speak out on the
Federal Debt Crisis

Urge your Senators and Representatives, and President Obama to resolve the debt crisis.

The AAFP is pleased to offer its members access to a legislative update service, curated to feature news and developments relevant to issues that concern family physicians and their patients. 

For First-time Users

Speak Out not only informs you about what's happening; it also enables you to respond directly to your State officials, members of Congress, or the Office of the President.

Timely and convenient letters and email drafts (some with the ability to edit, if you choose) are provided so that you can make your voice heard on the issues you choose.

To Send a Letter or Email via Speak Out:

  • Enter your zip code. If you are writing to a member of Congress or the President, enter your zip code in the space provided under the "Congress and President" tab. If you are writing to a member of your state government, enter your zip code in the space provided under "State Officials," or click on "Search by State" to select your state from the map.
  • Select the message you would like to send from those provided or compose your own.
  • Select your legislators and choose your preferred format for correspondence, letter or email.
  • Provide your personal information for inclusion in the letter. Select "Remember Me" if you would like your information to be saved in the Speak Out system for future action.
  • Click "Yes" if you would like a copy of your correspondence sent to your personal email address.
  • Click "Send Message."

View Speak Out tips on communicating with Congress.

Stay Informed

When you become a Key Contact for Advocacy, you'll automatically receive periodic updates on critical advocacy concerns for family medicine with recommendations and tools to help you respond.