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Protect the Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction for Family Medicine Residents and Students

Current tax reform legislation advancing in Congress still threatens to repeal the student loan interest tax deduction.

The loss of this deduction– $7,500 over the course of a three-year residency period– would impact new family physicians before they even finish their training and receive board certification.

The elimination of this deduction would have a detrimental impact on the family physician workforce by making it difficult for medical students to choose primary care as their specialty.

Tell Congress to ensure the student loan interest tax deduction is not repealed in any final tax reform bill.

Urge Your Senators to Reauthorize CHIP

Funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) ran out September 30, 2017. More than half of states are projected to exhaust federal CHIP funds by March 2018 without reauthorization. CHIP is a success story. Thanks to CHIP and Medicaid, fewer than 5% of U.S. children lack health insurance. CHIP has contributed greatly to ensuring affordable insurance and access to medical services for millions of children.

The House passed legislation renewing funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) on November 3. It is now up to the Senate to pass their own version of this legislation.

The House-passed reauthorization of CHIP is financed through dramatic cuts in programs that promote health and wellness for all Americans. The severity of these cuts over the next few years would undermine many essential public health priorities.

It is important to continue bipartisan negotiations to identify alternative financing as the legislative process proceeds, so please send a message to your Senators today.  

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