December 15, 2002

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The Mattress Sutures: Vertical, Horizontal, and Corner Stitch

Overview of Histoplasmosis

Gluten-Sensitive Enteropathy (Celiac Disease): More Common than You Think

Breast-Conserving Surgery for Breast Cancer


AAFP News: AFP Edition


Clinical Briefs

Clinical Briefs




Diary from a Week in Practice

Diary From a Week in Practice


The Mammography Debate

Graham Center Policy One-Pagers

Family Physicians' Declining Contribution to Prenatal Care in the United States

Inside AFP

Getting in Touch with Your AFP Editors

Practice Guidelines

The 2003 Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule

Putting Prevention into Practice

Screening for Breast Cancer

Quantum Sufficit

Quantum Sufficit

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

Screening for Colorectal Cancer: Recommendation and Rationale

Letters to the Editor

Assessment of Lactose Tests

Genetic Counseling in Preconception Health Care


Patient Information

Breast-Conserving Surgery

Celiac Disease

What Is Histoplasmosis? How Is It treated?

CME Quiz

CME Course Information

Evidence-Based Medicine Glossary

Classified Information

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