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This collection includes patient information handouts that physicians can provide to their patients. Use the filters to sort by discipline or topic. You can also search by keyword for articles that include handouts. The collection includes handouts published in AFP since 1998; clinical judgment should be used when referring to handouts, especially older ones, as the validity of the medical information included cannot be guaranteed. For regularly updated information on a variety of health topics, please visit, the AAFP patient education website.

Aseptic and Bacterial Meningitis: Evaluation, Treatment, and Prevention
Sep 1, 2017 Issue

Tips for Preventing Falls
Preventing Falls in Older Persons
Aug 15, 2017 Issue

What are Probiotics?
Probiotics for Gastrointestinal Conditions: A Summary of the Evidence
Aug 1, 2017 Issue

Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Aug 1, 2017 Issue

Common Side Effects of HIV Medicines
HIV-Associated Complications: A Systems-Based Approach
Aug 1, 2017 Issue

What Should I Know About Seizures and Epilepsy?
Epilepsy: Treatment Options
Jul 15, 2017 Issue

Paronychia: What You Should Know
Acute and Chronic Paronychia
Jul 1, 2017 Issue

Vaccine Adverse Events: Separating Myth from Reality
Jun 15, 2017 Issue

Acute and Chronic Urticaria: Evaluation and Treatment
Jun 1, 2017 Issue

Subclinical Hyperthyroidism
Subclinical Hyperthyroidism: When to Consider Treatment
Jun 1, 2017 Issue

Newborn Screening
Expanded Newborn Screening: Information and Resources for the Family Physician
Jun 1, 2017 Issue

LASIK: What You Should Know
Refractive Eye Surgery: Helping Patients Make Informed Decisions About LASIK
May 15, 2017 Issue

Waterborne Illnesses
Recreational Waterborne Illnesses: Recognition, Treatment, and Prevention
May 1, 2017 Issue

Peritonsillar Abscess: What You Should Know
Peritonsillar Abscess
Apr 15, 2017 Issue

What Seniors Should Know About Exercise
Exercise Prescriptions in Older Adults
Apr 1, 2017 Issue

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