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Can CPOE Systems Decrease Use of Laboratory Studies and Control Costs? - 09/15/2014

Evidence to Guide Measles Immunization Recommendations - 05/15/2014

PPIs, Childhood Asthma, and the Problem of Therapeutic Creep - 03/15/2014

Is Intensive Blood Pressure Control Beneficial in Patients with Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage? - 01/15/2014

Does Delaying Complementary Foods Protect Children Against Allergic and Atopic Diseases? - 12/15/2013

Do Abstracts of Articles in Major Journals Contain the Same Information as the Body of the Paper? - 10/01/2013

Pulmonary Embolism Rule-Out Criteria: A Clinical Decision Rule That Works - 07/15/2013

Is Rivaroxaban Noninferior to Standard Warfarin Therapy in Preventing Recurrent PE and DVT? - 06/15/2013

Does Screening Mammography Lead to Overdiagnosis of Invasive Breast Cancer? - 03/15/2013

The Use of Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography to Rule Out CAD in the ED - 11/15/2012

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