Department Collection: Graham Center Policy One-Pagers

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Title VII Funding is Associated with More Family Physicians and More Physicians Serving the Underserved - 08/15/2002

What Physicians Need to Know About Seniors and Limited Prescription Benefits, and Why - 07/15/2002

Uncoordinated Growth of the Primary Care Work Force - 11/01/2001

Trumping Professional Roles: Collaboration of Nurse Practitioners and Physicians for a Better U.S. Health Care System - 10/15/2001

The Contemporary Ecology of U.S. Medical Care Confirms the Importance of Primary Care - 09/15/2001

The United States Relies on Family Physicians Unlike Any Other Specialty - 05/01/2001

The Patient Safety Grid: Toxic Cascades in Health Care Settings - 03/15/2001

Toxic Cascades: A Comprehensive Way to Think About Medical Errors - 03/01/2001

The Importance of Primary Care Physicians as the Usual Source of Healthcare in the Achievement of Prevention Goals - 11/01/2000

The Importance of Having a Usual Source of Health Care - 08/01/2000

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