Jul 1, 2008 Issue
Over-the-Counter Medications for Acute Cough Symptoms [Cochrane for Clinicians]

It is uncertain whether OTC cough medications are effective in reducing cough symptoms in adults; in children, no trials show a statistically significant benefit in the treatment compared with the placebo groups. Overall, the quality of evidence is poor; adult studies show conflicting results from h...

Feb 15, 2007 Issue
Cough: Diagnosis and Management [Practice Guidelines]

On a typical day, a family physician will see at least one patient presenting with cough. Information on the diagnosis and management of coughs is available from the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP).

Apr 1, 2006 Issue
Inhaled Beta Agonists for Chronic, Nonspecific Cough in Children? [Cochrane for Clinicians]

The single clinical trial on this topic found that inhaled beta agonists do not reduce cough frequency or improve symptoms in children with chronic, nonspecific cough.

May 1, 2004 Issue
Evaluation of the Patient with Chronic Cough [Article]

Patients with chronic cough should avoid exposure to irritants that can trigger cough, and those who smoke should stop smoking. Patients who develop chronic cough in association with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor therapy should be switched to an agent from another drug class. If cough pers...

Dec 01, 1998 Issue
Chronic Cough [Photo Quiz]

Photo Quiz presents readers with a clinical challenge based on a photograph or other image.

Dec 01, 1998 Issue
An Office Approach to the Diagnosis of Chronic Cough [Article]

Chronic cough is a common problem in patients who visit family physicians. The three most common causes of chronic cough in those who are referred to pulmonary specialists are postnasal drip, asthma and gastroesophageal reflux. The initial treatment of patients with cough is often empiric and may in...

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