Eyelid Diseases

Red, Scaly Lesion on the Upper Eyelid - Photo Quiz

Eyelid Disorders: Diagnosis and Management - Article

ABSTRACT: Eyelid problems range from benign, self-resolving processes to malignant, possibly metastatic, tumors. Inflammation, infection, benign and malignant tumors, and structural problems such as ectropion, entropion and blepharoptosis may occur. Fortunately, most eyelid disorders are not vision-threatening or life-threatening; however, many cause irritative symptoms such as burning, foreign-body sensation or pain. Blepharitis, or eyelid inflammation, one of the most common problems, is characterized by erythematous eyelids with accumulation of debris along the eyelid margin. Malignant eyelid tumors may be associated with lash loss and erosion of normal eyelid structures. Recognition and diagnosis of these problems are crucial to their proper management. Warm compresses and antibiotics suffice for many conditions, while excision, cryotherapy or laser treatment are required for some.

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