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Clinical Briefs - Clinical Briefs

Principles for Using Combination Vaccines - Editorials

AAP Updates Its Recommendations on Circumcision - Special Medical Reports

AAP Releases Recommendations on Use of Inactivated and Live Oral Polio Vaccines - Special Medical Reports

AAP Issues Guidelines for Urinary Tract Infections in Infants and Toddlers - Special Medical Reports

AAP Recommends the Development of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programs - Special Medical Reports

AAP Report Discusses Success Factors for Pediatric Call Centers - Special Medical Reports

Pediatric Advanced Life Support: A Review of the AHA Recommendations - Article

ABSTRACT: The etiologies of respiratory failure, shock, cardiopulmonary arrest and dysrhythmias in children differ from those in adults. In 1988, the American Heart Association implemented the pediatric advanced life support (PALS) program. Major revisions to the program were made in 1994, with further revisions in 1997. The PALS program teaches a systematic, organized approach for the evaluation and management of acutely ill or injured children. Early identification and treatment of respiratory failure and shock in children improve survival, from a dismal 10 percent to an encouraging 85 percent. Family physicians who care for acutely ill or injured children have a tremendous opportunity to save lives through implementation of the PALS information.

Clinical Briefs - Clinical Briefs

AAFP and AAP Issue a Practice Parameter on the Management of Minor Closed Head Injury in Children - Special Medical Reports

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