Primary Health Care

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Effectiveness of Brief Alcohol Interventions in Primary Care - Cochrane for Clinicians

Brief Screening Instruments for Dementia in Primary Care - Point-of-Care Guides

Primary Care's Ecologic Impact on Obesity - Graham Center Policy One-Pagers

ABSTRACT: With a costly obesity epidemic, policy makers must recognize factors that may influence obesity not only for each person, but also across communities. Increased primary care physician density on the county level is associated with decreased obesity rates. As we move to restructure the primary care workforce and engage our patients and communities in behavior change, the implications of this association merit closer investigation.

2008 World Health Report Emphasizes Importance of Primary Health Care - Editorials

Race and Preventive Services Delivery - Improving Patient Care

The Outcomes of Open-Access Scheduling - Feature

A Refresher on Medicare and Concurrent Care - Feature

1-800-Chronic Disease Management - Editorial

Rekindling the Fire of Family Medicine - Editorial

Improving Office Practice: Working Smarter, Not Harder - Feature

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