Referral and Consultation

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Impact of Family Physicians on Mammography Screening - Editorials

Communicating Effectively with a Patient Who Has a Somatization Disorder - Curbside Consultation

Labeling the Somatically Preoccupied: Have We Gone Too Far? - Editorials

Reframing Our Approach to Domestic Violence: The Cyclic Batterer Syndrome - Editorials

Setting Limits on Demanding Patients - Curbside Consultation

Early Diagnosis and Empathy in Managing Somatization - Editorials

A Consultant Takes Over - Curbside Consultation

A Doctor Who Is Blamed for a Patients' Condition - Curbside Consultation

Primary and Subspecialty Care: Building a Collaborative Relationship - Curbside Consultation

A Case of Medical Uncertainty - Curbside Consultation

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