Point-of-Care Systems

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Brief Screening Instruments for Dementia in Primary Care - Point-of-Care Guides

Reducing Risks for Patients Receiving Warfarin - Feature

Good Medicine: E-Prescribing - Computers

Defending the Real Standard of Care - The Last Word

How to Find Clinical Information Quickly at the Point of Care - Feature

Outpatient vs. Inpatient Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia - Feature

Improving Anticoagulation Management at the Point of Care - Feature

ABSTRACT: Many physicians and other providers attempt therapeutic warfarin oversight without regularly scheduled anticoagulation appointments. Studies show that the risk of major bleeding or thromboembolic events due to warfarin therapy is between 2 percent and 12 percent per year. Point-of-care anticoagulation devices are convenient for patients and physicians and allow for patient-focused anticoagulation care.

Evidence at the Point of Care - Editorials

Predicting the Risk of Recurrence After Surgery for Prostate Cancer - Point-of-Care Guides

Predicting the Likelihood of Bacterial Meningitis in Children - Point-of-Care Guides

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