Self-Study CME for Family Medicine

Family Medicine Board Review Self-Study Package binder, DVD, flash drive, CD, and binder

Get an interactive, evidence-based review of everything you need to pass the ABFM Board exam. Choose from single or multi-format packages: flash drive and CD package, DVDs and CD package, and/or streaming online access (tablet and smartphone compatible).

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics mnemonic cards and posters
Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

ALSO® Supplemental Learning Tools

Reinforce knowledge and life-saving techniques introduced through ALSO course curricula with mnemonic cards, posters, and more.

Recent American Family Physician Cover

American Family Physician is a semi-monthly, peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Get information about subscription rates.

Physician conducts pain medication review

Learn to overcome physician-identified barriers of treating patients living with chronic pain in this free webcast.

Basic Life Support in Obstetrics mnemonic cards and posters
Basic Life Support in Obstetrics

BLSO® Supplemental Learning Tools

Review critical information and skills learned from the BLSO Provider course with curriculum-based mnemonic cards, posters, and more.


Board Review Questions

For AAFP members only

Prepare for your ABFM Board exam with questions that correspond to the exam topics. Learn from question explanations and earn CME credit.

Family physician educates kidney disease patient

Learn how to overcome physician-identified barriers to improve the outcomes of your patients with chronic kidney disease in this free webcast.

Chronic Conditions CME package binder

Gain a wide-ranging overview of family medicine-specific content related to chronic conditions.

Physician offers prescription drug for pain
CME Webcast

Chronic Pain: Management and Safe Treatment

For AAFP members only

Address physician-identified barriers of using opioid therapy to treat chronic pain in this free webcast.

Patient on ER/LA opioid therapy holds her head

Enhance your knowledge of how to monitor and modify the use of ER/LA opioid analgesics with your patients. Free for AAFP members.

Emergency and Urgent Care CME package binder

Hone your clinical skills on topics including vascular emergencies, lacerations and burns, new drugs of abuse, and more.

FP Audio booklets and CD

Purchase an annual subscription to receive monthly, one-hour audio sessions on family medicine content, including: Clinical Topic, SAM Pearls, Journal Notes, and Editor's Q&A. Authoritative, unbiased, and peer-reviewed with no advertisements.

FP Comprehensive CME package cover

Searchable content aligns with ABFM Board exam topics. Features practice exams with 1,200-plus Board-style questions and answers, as well as five years of family medicine topics compiled from FP Essentials monographs.

FP Essentials cover

Receive authoritative, unbiased, peer-reviewed monthly monographs following a three-year clinical topic cycle. Available in-print an online.

CME subscription printed materials and audio CD

Enjoy monthly print and online peer-reviewed monographs on various family medicine topics with an annual FP Essentials™/FP Audio™ Combined Subscription.

Family Centered Maternity Care Self-Study Package

Deliver the best maternity care from preconception to post pregnancy with current, evidence-based information on maternity and family issues you see every day.

Stay up-to-date with current, evidence-based family medicine-specific information on clinical issues you see every day while also earning CME.

Current issue cover of Family Practice Management

Family Practice Management provides how-to advice on enhancing, improving, and managing your practice. Get information about subscription rates.

Geriatric Medicine self-study CME package binder

Improve management and treatment decisions while enhancing your ability to develop evaluation and treatment plans for your geriatric patients.

Family physician counsels young woman on HPV treatment
CME Webcast

HPV: Reduce the Risk for Adolescent Patients

For AAFP members only

Improve your skills to understand which patients have the lowest HPV vaccination rates and poorest outcome post-infection and more in this free webcast.

CME Bulletin icon
CME Bulletin

Human Papillomavirus: Anogenital Infection

For AAFP members only

Improve patient immunization rates, diagnosis of HPV infection, and postinfection medical management with this free bulletin.

Immunization webcast on a laptop

Learn the latest evidence-based recommendations and guidelines to help improve adult immunization rates in this free CME webcast for AAFP members.

Pediatrics self-study CME package binder

Grow your pediatric medicine skills and advance the level of care you deliver to your youngest patients.

Joint injection CME package binder and DVD

Learn the most common joint injections and aspiration performed in a family practice setting.

CME Bulletin icon
CME Bulletin

Management of Obesity in Adults

For AAFP members only

Read a concise, evidence-based update on the latest risks, issues, and factors contributing to the obesity epidemic in this free bulletin.

Musculoskeletal exam CME package binder and DVD

Learn to assess and treat injured upper and lower extremities with this easy-to-navigate procedural skills activity.

Obese woman exercising
CME Webcast

Obesity: Options for Prevention and Treatment

For AAFP members only

Learn current, updated methods for preventing and treating adult obesity in this free webcast.

Physician prepares to administer vaccination

Learn to overcome physician-identified barriers of managing complex immunization schedules, vaccine shortages, and parent concerns in this free webcast.

cardiometabolic patient examined by physician
Wednesday, November 4 - Friday, November 6, 2015 | Carlsbad, CA

PerformanceNavigator®: Cardiometabolic Conditions

Diabetes, Hypertension, and Dyslipidemia

New! Meet all of your MC-FP Part II Self-Assessment, Part IV certification, and more in this interactive, multifaceted educational experience on Cardiometabolic Conditions.

Sports medicine CME package cover

Boost your ability to evaluate the stage and severity of injuries, and diversify your physical examination techniques.

Internal medicine CME package cover

Enhance the care you deliver with the very latest evidence-based information on a broad scope of internal medicine conditions.

Skin Problems and Diseases Self-Study Package for Family Medicine

Learn best practices and cutting-edge techniques in disease management for patients with common and chronic skin problems.

Women's Health Self-Study CME Package

Improve management and treatment decisions while enhancing your ability to develop evaluation and treatment plans for every woman you treat, at every stage of her life.