Childhood Illness SAM Working Groups

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Child displays symptoms of infectious illness

Easily fulfill the knowledge assessment portion of the SAM process with this one-day session that simplifies the ABFM’s MC-FP Part II requirement and enhance your knowledge of congenital, chronic, and infectious illness and more.

Simplify the ABFM's MC-FP Part II Requirement

  • Review 60 core competency questions with experienced family physician faculty, and decide the best answer with your colleagues.
  • The AAFP reports your answers directly to the ABFM on your behalf.
  • Earn CME by completing the SAM process.*

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Topics covered in this course include:

  • Congenital and hereditary illnesses in childhood
  • Acute illness in childhood
  • Chronic illness in childhood
  • Trauma or toxic illness in childhood
  • Infectious illness in childhood
  • Psychiatric or behavioral illness in childhood
*Receiving Credit for SAM Working Groups

This working group is designed to help you fulfill the knowledge assessment portion of the SAM process. No CME is awarded. Completion of the clinical simulation on the ABFM website is required within one year of attending this working group in order to finish the SAM process and receive CME credit. A separate fee to the ABFM will apply.