Geriatric Medicine


Geriatric Medicine: Live Course   (Live)

17.25 Credits

Learn about common geriatric clinical problems, chronic diseases, ways to improve quality of life, and more.

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Geriatric Medicine for the Family Physician: Self-Study   (Online, Self-study)

19.5 Credits

Improve management and treatment decisions while enhancing your ability to develop evaluation and treatment plans for your geriatric patients.


Selected Topics in Internal Medicine: Live Course   (Live)

23.75 Credits

Enhance your internal medicine knowledge to help treat your adult patients with multiple conditions and comorbidities.

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Selected Topics in Internal Medicine: Self-Study   (Online, Self-study)

28 Credits

Enhance the care you deliver with the very latest evidence-based information on a broad scope of internal medicine conditions.


Chronic Conditions: Live Course   (Live)

23.75 Credits

Gain knowledge, resources, and strategies to help diagnose, treat, manage, and prevent chronic conditions in your patients.

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Chronic Conditions: Self-Study   (Online, Self-study)

23.75 Credits

Gain a wide-ranging overview of family medicine-specific content related to chronic conditions.


Care of the Vulnerable Elderly SAM Working Groups   (Live)

0 Credits

Learn more about medical conditions in the vulnerable elderly with this one-day session and simplify the ABFM’s MC-FP Part II requirement.

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METRIC®   (Online)

20 Credits

Improve care for geriatric patients, and fulfill the ABFM's MC-FP Part IV requirement, through a streamlined method of evaluating and strengthening your practice functions and systems.


FP Essentials #434: Hearing Loss   (Online, Self-study)

5 Credits

This month's monograph covers: diagnosis and evaluation of hearing loss, hearing augmentation, communicating with the patient who is deaf or hard of hearing and issues in the deaf and hard of hearing communities.


FP Essentials #420: Stroke   (Online, Self-study)

5 Credits

This month's monograph covers: transient ischemic attack, diagnosis and management of acute ischemic stroke, subacute/inpatient management of acute ischemic stroke, and posthospital management and recurrence prevention.


FP Essentials #430: Urogynecologic Conditions   (Online, Self-study)

5 Credits

This month's monograph covers: urinary incontinence, interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome, pelvic organ prolapse and chronic pelvic pain.


CKD and CVD: Recognizing the Relationship and Overcoming the Barriers   (Online, Self-study)

1 Credits

Learn how to overcome physician-identified barriers to improve the outcomes of your patients with chronic kidney disease in this free webcast.


Immunizations for Adults: Updates, Barriers, and Interventions   (Online, Self-study)

1 Credits

Learn the latest evidence-based recommendations and guidelines to help improve adult immunization rates in this free CME webcast for AAFP members.