Infant, Child, and Adolescent Medicine (ICAM)


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June 10-13, 2015 | Washington, DC (Reston, VA)

Learn how to best care for your youngest patients with this review of evidence-based insight on pediatric care created by family physicians, for family physicians. Early bird pricing available.

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Infant, Child, and Adolescent Medicine: Live Course   (Live)

24 Credits

Improve care for your younger patients with a comprehensive review of the latest information on pediatric medicine at this 3-1/2 day live course.


Infant, Child, and Adolescent Medicine: Self-Study   (Online, Self-study)

24.5 Credits

Cover issues ranging from common neonatal problems and well-child exams to drug abuse in adolescents. Online and flash drive formats.


Childhood Illness SAM Working Groups   (Live)

0 Credits

Review congenital, chronic, and infectious illness of children and simplify the ABFM’s MC-FP Part II requirement.


Well Child Care SAM Working Groups   (Live)

0 Credits

Review childhood growth, development, and more through this one-day session and simplify the ABFM’s MC-FP Part II requirement.


METRIC®   (Online)

20 Credits

Improve care for patients with asthma, and fulfill the ABFM's MC-FP Part IV requirement, through a streamlined method of evaluating and strengthening your practice functions and systems.


FP Essentials #428: Oral Health   (Online, Self-study)

5 Credits

This month's monograph covers: prevention of dental disease, treatment of dental trauma and pain, orthodontic treatment, dentures and dental implants.


FP Essentials #417: Sports Medicine in Children   (Online, Self-study)

5 Credits

This month's monograph covers: sports-related concussion, common overuse injuries, knee pain and preparticipation physical evaluation.


FP Essentials #410: Disorders of Childhood Growth and Development   (Online, Self-study)

5 Credits

This monograph addresses: failure to thrive versus short stature, childhood obesity, precocious puberty, and screening and evaluation of the child who misses developmental milestones.


HPV: Reduce the Risk for Adolescent Patients   (Online, Self-study)

1 Credits

Improve your skills to understand which patients have the lowest HPV vaccination rates and poorest outcome post-infection and more in this free webcast.


Overcoming Barriers to Increasing Child and Adolescent Immunizations   (Online, Self-study)

1 Credits

Learn to overcome physician-identified barriers of managing complex immunization schedules, vaccine shortages, and parent concerns in this free webcast.