Mental Health and Behavior


Behavioral Interventions for Office-Based Care

FP EssentialsTM#418

Review ways to address stress, anxiety, depression, and behavioral changes in this monograph of peer-reviewed, clinical information.

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FP Essentials #418: Behavioral Interventions for Office-Based Care   (Online, Self-study)

5 Credits

This month's monograph covers: interventions in the family medicine setting, behavior change, depressive disorders, stress and anxiety disorders.


FP Essentials #412: Intimate Partner Violence   (Online, Self-study)

5 Credits

This monograph addresses: office screening for victims and perpetratros of IPV; counseling, community resources, and legal issues for IPV victims and perpetrators; childhood exposure to domestic violence; and IPV in the LGBT community.


FP Essentials #406: Integrative Medicine   (Online, Self-study)

5 Credits

This monograph addresses: depression, common chronic pain conditions, cardiovascular health, and oncology: focus on breast cancer.


Depression in Women   (Online, Self-study)

2 Credits

Read a concise, evidence-based update on the latest research and recommendations in this free resource.


Depression in Women   (Online, Self-study)

1 Credits

Learn to recognize and treat depression and other mood disorders in this free webcast.