FAQs: Self-Assessment Module (SAM) Working Group

What is a SAM Working Group?

Physicians who have entered the ABFM Maintenance of Certification cycle come together to complete the knowledge assessment section for the MC-FP SAM requirement (Part II). Facilitated by expert faculty, this group works through the 60 core competency questions assessing, reviewing, and deciding as a group the best answer.

What do I have to do after attending a SAM Working Group session to finish the Self Assessment Module (Part ll)?

After completing the session, AAFP staff report your answers to the ABFM. Your next step is to go to the ABFM Website(www.theabfm.org), pay the necessary fees, and complete the clinical simulation section. The clinical simulation section presents patient care scenarios corresponding to the topic module. Now you have completed Part II of the MC-FP.

How do I earn CME?

CME credits are awarded for successfully completing each accredited Part II Module. Once you have completed the clinical simulation, the ABFM reports your credit to the AAFP.

What are the other requirements for Maintenance of Certification?

Please visit the MC-FP section of the ABFM Website(www.theabfm.org) for more information or call (888) 995-5700.

How will the ABFM's proposed changes to MC-FP requirements and terminology affect SAM Working Groups?

As you may have already read in the Winter 2016 issue of The Phoenix from the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM), the ABFM is unlinking the clinical simulation from the knowledge assessment in the Self-Assessment Modules (SAMs). The knowledge assessment portion will then be called Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA). While the name will change, the content of the knowledge assessment will not. Those registered for SAM Working Groups will still be able to attend. SAMs completed after the KSA is implemented as a stand-alone activity will still count for MC-FP credit and the minimum KSA requirement.