Skin Problems and Diseases

New Self-Study Package
Get up-to-date, evidence-based information on important skin conditions and diseases, and learn key prodecures and aesthetic skills. Online and flash drive formats available.

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Skin Problems and Diseases: Live Course   (Live)

30.75 Credits

Increase your competence and confidence in diagnosing and treating your patients’ skin conditions at this 3-1/2 day live course.


Skin Problems and Diseases: Self-Study   (Online, Self-study)

25.5 Credits

New topic! Learn best practices and cutting-edge education on disease management for patients with common and chronic skin problems.


Selected Topics in Internal Medicine: Live Course   (Live)

24 Credits

Increase your knowledge of internal medicine to help treat adult patients with multiple conditions and comorbidities.


Selected Topics in Internal Medicine: Self-Study   (Online, Self-study)

28 Credits

Identify diverse internal medicine and psychiatric health issues impacting adult patients with this self-study package.


FP Essentials #426: Dermatology Procedures   (Online, Self-study)

5 Credits

This month's monograph covers: dermatoscopy, microdermabrasion and chemical peels, skin biopsy and laser management and related therapies.


FP Essentials #407: Skin Conditions   (Online, Self-study)

5 Credits

This monograph addresses: new drugs for managing skin disorders, emerging drug-resistant skin infections and infestations, benign nodular skin lesions, and common skin rashes in infants.