CME Credit Application FAQ

Review the following responses to Frequently Asked Questions regarding AAFP CME Credit System and the application process.


Contact AAFP CME Credit System and Compliance

(800) 274-2237

Does the AAFP conduct CME activity audits?

Yes. The AAFP conducts three types of audits: 

Live (on-site) - the AAFP will contact the CME provider by email in the event the activity is selected for an AAFP audit. A live audit may be random or prompted.

Random educational - the AAFP will contact the CME Provider by email in the event the AAFP-certified activity is selected for an AAFP audit.

Complaint - in the event AAFP receives feedback from learner(s) regarding an AAFP-certified CME activity, the AAFP may conduct an audit. Learn more about Audits.

How can I submit my CME credit application?

The AAFP has an online application process

The AAFP will create an application for CME providers who cannot access the online application. An additional $195 data entry fee is required.

Can I appeal the AAFP CME credit determination?

Yes. Final approval of all CME credit rests with the Commission on Continuing Professional Development (COCPD). 

Should a CME provider wish to appeal determination of credit, an appeal, including sufficient information and supporting documentation, must be submitted to the AAFP CME Credit System and Compliance
Department within 90 business days of the date of the official written CME credit determination.

Learn more about the AAFP Credit System Appeals process.

What is the difference between a multi-site/date and series activity?

A multi-site/date activity is where an activity is presented multiple times/dates throughout one year. The length and content of the activity remains the same.

A series activity takes place weekly, monthly, or quarterly with global objectives. The maximum number of credits is 3.75 per session and the topics change with each meeting. Examples include Grand Rounds, Tumor Boards, Noon Conferences, etc. Once a year, an application must be submitted for each type of series activity.

What does "CME provider" mean on the application?

A CME provider is the person, institute, or organization responsible for all aspects of the CME activity. 

What are the fees associated with applying for AAFP CME credit?

The fees vary depending on the type of CME activity review. 

Learn more about AAFP CME Activity application review fees.

How will I be notified that my CME activity has been reviewed and approved for AAFP CME credit?

The person who submitted the online application will receive the official credit approval from AAFP by email. Please keep a copy of this approval in your files.

Our CME activity has already taken place. Can we still submit an application for review?

Yes. CME providers may apply for AAFP CME credit at any time. The AAFP encourages CME providers to apply for CME credit before the education occurs to ensure learners can earn credit in a timely fashion.

What is the difference between Prescribed credit and Elective credit?

An activity is eligible for AAFP Prescribed credit when it is designed primarily for physicians with content directly related to patient care, patient care delivery, or certain non-clinical topics. A family physician who is an AAFP Active or Life member must be directly involved in the development of the activity and attestation is required on the CME application.

An activity is eligible for AAFP Elective credit when it is primarily designed for healthcare professionals other than physicians. Direct involvement of an AAFP Active or Life member in the planning of the activity is not required.

Is AAFP Prescribed credit accepted by other associations?

AAFP Prescribed credit is accepted by the AMA as equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ toward the AMA Physician's Recognition Award. Many of the state licensing boards will accept AAFP Prescribed credit from members to meet CME requirements. AAFP recommends that participants contact their association to see if they will accept AAFP Prescribed credit.

What is the difference between AAFP Prescribed credit and AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™?

When a CME activity is certified for AAFP Prescribed credit, it means that an application and supporting material were reviewed and approved by the AAFP's Commission on Continuing Professional Development (COCPD). An AAFP Active or Life member was involved in the development of the activity, and the content is directly related to patient care and patient care delivery.

When a CME activity is designated for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™, the CME activity is directly or jointly sponsored by CME providers who are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) or an authorized state medical society.

Does AAFP require a certificate of participation?

No. CME providers are not required to distribute certificates. AAFP members may report CME credits in the following ways: online; by calling the AAFP at (800) 274-2237; or by mail to 11400 Tomahawk Creek Pkwy, Leawood, KS 66211-2672, Attn: Contact Center.

However, AAFP encourages CME providers to offer certificates since many members need one for state licensing and credentialing. Visit Tools for CME Developers to view or download a sample certificate.

Does AAFP issue certificates to CME participants?

No. Certificates are created and distributed by the CME provider.

The AAFP does not require CME providers to give certificates to their CME participants; however, learners find this documentation helpful. CME providers are required to have a mechanism in place to document learner participation.

How long do we have to keep documentation about a CME activity on file?

All documentation associated with activity development, including records verifying physician participation, should be retained for six years by the CME provider.