AAFP CME Credit System

Post-Approval Information


Contact AAFP CME Credit System and Compliance

(800) 274-2237


The following information applies to CME providers who have submitted an application for AAFP credit and/or received approval for AAFP credit.

Monitoring Approval Status

CME providers may view the CME Provider Dashboard to check the status of their application.

Upon receipt of the official credit determination from the AAFP, the CME provider may publish the AAFP credit statement provided.

Term of approval is for one year from the date of the activity. It is important for an activity to be certified before the date of the activity to ensure AAFP members can report the appropriate AAFP CME credit.

In the instance of an activity with the same content repeated multiple times or series activities, approval is good for all activities held within one year from the date of the first offering. 

CME providers are required to add new dates/sites of the activity to the AAFP application, when the specific information is not available at the time of application. If the activity is continued for more than 12 months, a new application, review fee, and supporting information must be submitted for AAFP credit approval.

Use of AAFP Logo

Approval of AAFP credit does not imply authorization to use the AAFP logo or name in any association with the activity, including activity materials, other than the authorized credit statement.

An AAFP CME credit award does not indicate or imply endorsement, partnership, cooperation, or joint sponsorship by the AAFP.


Final approval of all CME credit rests with the Commission on Continuing Professional Development (COCPD). All CME Providers have the right to who wish to appeal determination of credit. Review the process for filing an appeal.


The AAFP is committed to ensuring that appropriate quality CME is available to the nation's family physicians. As a CME credit system, the AAFP reserves the right to monitor and ensure compliance with current regulations governing CME of any activity that has been awarded AAFP CME credit. In addition to investigating complaints and questionable applications, the AAFP randomly selects activity applications for routine educational audits. Review our audit checklist.


After receiving official credit approval, "Save the Date" announcements and advertisements may indicate that AAFP credit has been approved without using the full, official AAFP credit statement. Only the "Save the Date" credit statement may be used at this stage of the process. View all credit statements.

Advertising Opportunities

  • AAFP's Search All Certified CME: All CME activities approved for AAFP credit are listed in the AAFP's CME search. However, CME providers have the ability to opt out of listing their CME activities.
  • Membership List: CME providers may purchase the AAFP's membership list. Contact Kerry Tranfa with INFOCUS at 800-708-5478, ext. 3246, or ktranfa@infocuslists.com. 
  • Ad Space: CME providers may purchase ad space in American Family Physician (AFP) journal. Contact Donna Kelley at 800-237-7027.

Activity Delivery

CME provider organizations must commit to conducting CME activities in a professional and  businesslike manner, as well as in strict accordance with the AAFP's criteria and policies, and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) guidelines and Standards for Commercial Support.

The American Academy of Family Physicians reserves the right to withhold or withdraw CME credit in the event that a CME provider's business practices interfere with the delivery of a quality CME learning experience and/or the presentation of the activity does not meet the AAFP's stated criteria.

Other causes to withhold or withdraw CME credit include, but are not limited to:

  • Portrayal of incorrect, inadequate, inappropriate, or incomplete clinical, scientific, medical/legal, socioeconomic or commercially biased information.
  • Unethical distribution of material, such as offering the material as a prize or bonus for favors, inappropriate advertising which misrepresents the material or which inaccurately portrays the material, or misrepresentation of the CME credit which may be acquired by using the materials.
  • Release of confidential information regarding any physician's participation in the activity or use of the material.
  • Release of information regarding individual or aggregate scores or results of scores that may be obtained through tests taken by physicians participating in the activity or using the material.
  • Inappropriate use of product-specific advertising.

Activity Changes and Re-Review

No other information is required from you once you have received credit approval from AAFP. However, please notify the Credit Systems and Compliance Department if any changes are made to the activity or agenda.

Re-review of an application is necessary when the CME credits of an activity change. For example, an application would be re-reviewed if the program agenda changed after approval.

There is a processing fee of $125 for re-review of any CME application by AAFP after the CME provider receives official credit approval from AAFP. This fee does not apply if there are changes to the date of the activity or the speaker(s), or when any additional dates are added. Learn more about Review Fees.

Certificates of Participation

CME providers are not required to distribute certificates of participation to physicians who attend their activity. AAFP members may report their CME credit to AAFP without documentation either online, or by calling 800-274-2237. However, physicians need certificates for state licensing and credentialing, and AAFP encourages CME providers to provide a certificate. Sample certificate and other templates are available as Tools for CME Developers.

Records Retention

All documentation associated with activity development, including records verifying physician participation, should be retained for one year by the CME provider.