Training for Assembly Faculty

These short videos are designed to strengthen your presentation skills and prepare you for a rewarding Assembly.

Preparing Your Content :

Learners are seeking new knowledge and skills they can implement in practice immediately.

NEW! Preparing Content
Integrating Message

Developing Polling Questions:

Polling questions keep learners engaged in the interactive lecture and allow you to adjust the scope and emphasis of your presentation.

NEW! Developing Questions (3:28)

Creating Impactful Visuals

Get professional tips on incorporating high-impact visual aids in your presentation. Know what to use and when.

Managing Audience Engagement:

Be comfortable and effective engaging your audience including managing the question and answer segment of your session.

NEW! Managing Engagement (4:17)

Delivering Your Content:

Understand the interactive lecture format to maximize learner engagement and ultimately foster absorption and adoption of new knowledge.

NEW! Presentation Example (8:46)

NEW! Delivering Content (7:09)


Please contact:
Linda Swift
Manager, Assembly CME