Training for Assembly Faculty

Audience Engagement:

Everyone benefits from an engaged, attentive audience. Learn tips for getting and keeping participants interested in your presentation.

  • Modeling audience interactivity
  • Engaging the audience without high-tech tools
  • Dealing with challenges (faulty equipment, talkers, and loud noises)


Find ways to enhance your delivery, boost your confidence, and effectively convey your message verbally and physically.

  • Enhancing presentation performance
  • Dealing with stage fright
  • Improving eye contact and using facial expressions
  • Practicing the use of body movements

Message Development:

Take advantage of AAFP resources to increase your educational and real-world impact. Hone your presentation to meet participants’ needs and objectives.

  • Using the needs assessment from the educational plan
  • Integrating learning objectives into presentation


Hear tips to learn the best way to structure your presentation for all attendees.

  • Learning how to be a more effective speaker
  • Structuring presentations
  • Addressing gaps and integrating learning objectives
  • Using exercises to increase audience participation


Get professional tips on incorporating high-impact visual aids in your presentation. Know what to use and when.

  • Understanding the impact of visual aids
  • Choosing high quality visual aids


Please contact:
Linda Swift
Manager, Assembly CME